Los Angeles & Orlando, Fla. — The Celiac Disease Foundation, a leading global patient advocacy organization committed to accelerating diagnosis, treatments, and a cure for celiac disease, and Celiac Cruise, a pioneer in gluten-free travel, today are pleased to announce an innovative partnership to offer safe and delicious gluten-free travel experiences, provide educational opportunities, and foster philanthropy within the celiac disease community. 

“This partnership marks a significant milestone on the path to creating a world where individuals with celiac disease can travel with confidence and enjoy enriching experiences without compromising their health,” said Marilyn G. Geller, CEO of the Celiac Disease Foundation. “By combining the expertise of the Celiac Disease Foundation with the dedication of Celiac Cruise, we are proud to set the premier standard for gluten-free travel.”  

“Celiac Cruise is honored to join forces with the Celiac Disease Foundation to redefine gluten-free travel,” said Maureen Basye, founder of Celiac Cruise. “Our shared vision of fostering a supportive and enjoyable environment for the celiac community aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we aim to create unforgettable experiences that go beyond the boundaries of dietary restrictions.” 

Living with celiac disease poses unique challenges, and individuals affected by this life-changing autoimmune disease find it difficult to enjoy travel without the fear of gluten exposure. This new partnership is designed to address these concerns by creating a supportive, safe environment for those affected by celiac disease to explore the world.  

Over the past three years Celiac Cruise has provided more than 4,000 individuals with the opportunity to experience adventurous, safe gluten-free travel around the world. Today, Celiac Cruise and the Celiac Disease Foundation have formalized their partnership, which will offer an array of benefits for the celiac disease community: 

Safe Travel Experiences: All cruise experiences will be tailored to meet the dietary needs of individuals with celiac disease, including dedicated gluten-free menus, strict food handling protocols, and collaboration with both Royal Caribbean and AmaWaterways to create safe, enjoyable environments.  

Educational Programming and Community Support: Brace yourselves for a wave of knowledge onboard future cruises! Workshops and seminars will be offered, and support groups will be available for families of all ages. Look for many opportunities to learn about the latest developments and research in celiac disease, along with pointers on navigating the gluten-free lifestyle – all while cruising to fantastic destinations.  

Philanthropic Endeavors: As part of this dedicated effort to positively impact people affected by celiac disease, a portion of proceeds from cruises and onboard events will be directed to the Celiac Disease Foundation to advance education, fund vital research, and address food insecurity. Every dollar raised brings us closer to a world where no one faces the challenges of celiac disease alone.  

For more information on upcoming gluten-free cruises and educational initiatives, please visit www.celiaccruise.com and www.celiac.org 

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About the Celiac Disease Foundation 

The Celiac Disease Foundation, established in 1990, is a leading global patient advocacy organization committed to accelerating diagnosis, treatments, and a cure for celiac disease. Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the millions of individuals around the world affected by this genetic autoimmune disease through our strategic investments in research, advocacy, and education. Our iCureCeliac® Patient Registry and extensive patient recruitment services at iRecruitCeliac.org enable us to identify qualified patient candidates and speed their enrollment to advance critical disease research. Our unparalleled advocacy program has led the way to secure federal recognition and first-ever research funding from agencies including the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. We adhere to the highest scientific and ethical standards as we work each day to promote understanding of celiac disease, empower our patient and provider community, and collaborate with partners and stakeholders to carry our mission forward. 


About Celiac Cruise 

Celiac Cruise pioneers gluten-free travel, dedicated to unforgettable journeys for those with celiac disease or gluten restrictions. Beyond traditional travel, we blend adventure and community, partnering with leaders like Royal Caribbean and AmaWaterways for memory making without compromising dietary needs. We foster togetherness in the celiac community, making each cruise safe, enjoyable, and gluten-free. Explore confidently with global itineraries, combining adventure and dietary prioritization. Visit www.celiaccruise.com to learn more and embark on worry-free adventures with Celiac Cruise. 



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