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The biggest obstacle in getting a celiac drug to market is recruiting enough patients to participate in clinical trials. We need your help to make better treatments and, one day, a cure for celiac disease a reality.

Current Trials test

Rochester, MN

CeliacShield Study

Wish the gluten-free diet wasn’t the only protection against your celiac disease?

The CeliacShield Study is being conducted to assess the investigational drug latiglutenase and its ability to protect the small intestine of celiac disease patients from gluten exposure.


  • 18-80 years old
  • Confirmed diagnosis of celiac disease
  • On gluten-free diet for the last 12 months
  • Willing to take gluten with daily evening meal for 6 weeks
  • Able to attend study visits in Rochester, MN

Compensation and reimbursement for eligible travel provided.



Clinical Research Study

Do you have celiac disease and kidney stones?

If YES, you may have a condition called enteric hyperoxaluria and may be eligible for the uriROX-1 clinical research study. This study will look at the effects of an investigational drug on reducing levels of oxalate (a chemical substance found naturally in many foods) in the urine compared to placebo (no active ingredients).

To join the study, you must*:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a history of hyperoxaluria due to an underlying gastrointestinal condition (e.g. celiac disease)

*Other criteria will apply.
For more information, contact

Seattle, WA & Dallas, TX

Advance Treatments for Cross-Contact with Gluten

Do you have celiac disease and want to advance treatments for cross-contact with gluten?

To qualify, you must be:

  • 18-65 years old
  • Biopsy-diagnosed with celiac disease
  • Following a strict gluten-free diet for six months
  • Free of other health conditions
  • Able to participate at the study site in Seattle, WA or Dallas, TX

Qualified participants will be compensated and will receive medical exams at no cost.

Anaheim, CA

Celiac Disease Clinical Study

Do you have celiac disease?

Attention: Volunteers who have prior confirmation of celiac disease from blood work or a biopsy. If you meet the following criteria, you may qualify for a clinical research study of an investigational drug. Medical insurance is not necessary.

To Qualify, You Must Be:

  • 18 – 59 years old
  • Maintaining a gluten-free diet

Compensation up to $800.00

For more information, contact 714-774-7777 or

The goal of the Patient Advocate Program is to teach you more about celiac disease and clinical research so that by the end of the online program you are prepared to participate in research as an informed Patient Advocate.