Use the Power of Your Story to Advocate for Federal Funding and Awareness

Join the Celiac Disease Foundation’s Congressional District Days from August 5 to September 6, 2024, and help us keep up our momentum on Capitol Hill! Thanks to our advocacy, we’ve secured crucial NIH and Department of Defense funding for groundbreaking celiac disease research. Represent the patient perspective to Members of Congress and ensure our voices are heard. Complete our iAdvocate training program and register to participate today.

What are District Days?
During the month of August, members of Congress spend time in their home districts to hear from the people they serve about what policy issues matter most – and how they can help.  District Days are a chance to make your voice heard to representatives in your home district during the August congressional recess, which runs from August 5 to September 6, 2024. The Celiac Disease Foundation is encouraging patients and supporters to make appointments with their local representatives to share why the government should make celiac disease a priority. This presents an important opportunity to advocate for the needs of celiac disease patients.

Your voice is powerful and can make all the difference!

Why is the Foundation Advocating?
Through strategic investments in research, education, and advocacy, the Foundation seeks to accelerate treatments and a cure—this includes our critical advocacy work focused on persuading Members of Congress to dedicate funding and resources to celiac disease, along with creating public awareness of its serious consequences.

The U.S. Congress and federal agencies are making decisions on policies that impact the celiac disease community, including federal funding for celiac disease research, access to medical care, and food labeling.

How Can YOU Help?
The best way to ensure that your needs are considered in these important policy decisions is by sharing your story with Members of Congress and explaining how specific policies will affect you and your loved ones. This is why we need you to take action in support of our policy priorities—your voice is powerful and can make all the difference.

Ready to Get Started?

To get started with Celiac Disease Foundation Congressional District Days, please complete our Policy Advocate Training at Remember: Your personal stories are the most powerful tool to affect change. It can be very challenging for people who do not live with celiac disease to understand its impact on your daily life. Our advocacy training will equip you with useful tips on sharing your personal story. Read CDF CEO Marilyn Geller’s story here, represented in her own Congressional testimony.

Already completed the training? please register here to participate in the District Days campaign. While there is no obligation to participate by registering – we do hope you will join us. We also encourage you to review the tools in our iAdvocate program as you prepare to share your personal story with your Members of Congress.

Please stay tuned to your inboxes for more information about this important campaign!

Together, we can ensure our voices are heard and continue driving advancements in celiac disease research and treatment.