Two million people have now fled Ukraine. All are at risk of hunger, especially our vulnerable celiac disease population. The Celiac Disease Foundation is an affiliate of the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) and is coordinating the US effort to assist those in need.

Your donation can help provide children and families with immediate aid by allowing the Ukrainian Celiac Society and bordering Celiac Societies to:

  • arrange and deliver gluten-free food to celiac disease patients remaining in Ukraine
  • arrange and deliver gluten-free food to celiac disease refugees in countries welcoming them
  • provide Ukrainian refugees with counseling to help with their trauma recovery and social integration in the hosting countries

Currently, enough gluten-free food is already being donated from food producers from the region (mainly from Poland, Latvia, Hungary, and Romania). Right now the priority areas are to fund stockage costs for storing non-perishable gluten-free products, transportation and logistics costs for sending gluten-free food products to Ukraine, and additional human resource costs. Help Ukrainian Celiac Disease Refugees.

The Celiac Disease Foundation is matching donations, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000.  

Together we can protect those with celiac disease in crisis. 

Donate to Support Celiac Disease Refugees