In early July, we introduced the short film, “Curing Celiac: A Short Story,” by Hayley Repton as part of our campaign to recruit patients to iCureCeliac®, our national patient registry. iCureCeliac® is the Foundation’s patient-powered tool that is the single best resource for celiac disease researchers around the world helping to accelerate the search for treatments and a cure. iCureCeliac® has powered numerous research studies about celiac disease and is the key contributor of patients to a number of critical clinical trials for celiac disease drugs. 

On its first day of release, 27,000 people watched the film. Over the month of July, the film was viewed by more than 70,000. The reaction to the film has been overwhelming and incredibly encouraging.  

We now have more than 9,600 patients registered for iCureCeliac® as a result of the campaign. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has joined to help dedicated celiac disease researchers around the world find a cure. Your participation has a direct impact on achieving our goal of creating a world free of celiac disease. If you haven’t registered and completed the surveys yet, there is still time to help cure celiac disease. Please take a moment and join now if you haven’t already. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for the millions of celiac patients who desperately need relief.  

Join iCureCeliac® today.