There are more exciting opportunities than ever before to participate in celiac disease clinical trials. Researchers are making groundbreaking progress in the race for better treatments with promising new drug candidates.

To bring these treatments to market, we need your help. The biggest obstacle in getting a celiac disease drug to market is recruiting enough patients to participate in clinical trials.

After years of fighting for our need for better treatments to be taken seriously, we now have companies interested in developing greatly needed treatments for celiac disease. We must follow through by showing up to participate in these studies.

The Celiac Disease Foundation is currently recruiting participants for three clinical trials in different phases (see below).

What Happens During Each Phase of a Clinical Trial?

In Phase 1, a new investigational drug is tested on a small group of people (approximately 20-100) to determine the drug’s safety.

In Phase 2, the investigational drug is tested on a larger group of people (approximately 100-300) to determine whether it has any effect on the disease.

In Phase 3, the investigational drug is tested on up to 3,000 people to determine its therapeutic effect compared to the current standard treatment for the disease.

Comparing Your Options

Each clinical trial is unique, with its own set of requirements for participant eligibility, travel, and time commitment.

To help you find the best fit, we put together a table comparing three clinical trials that are currently enrolling new participants: ACeD Study, PROACTIVE Celiac Study, and CeDLara study.

Click here to download the table.

Study Sponsor Anokion Provention Bio 9 Meters Biopharma
Phase Phase 1 Phase 2b Phase 3
Approximate Length of Participation Participants choose Group A or B

Group A: 7 weeks

Group B: 8 weeks

36 weeks 30 weeks
Approximate Number of Study Site Visits Group A: 5 visits

Group B: 6 visits

17 visits 8 visits
Gluten Challenge Optional No No
Endoscopy with Biopsy No Yes Optional
Medication Name KAN-101 PRV-015 Larazotide
Medication Type IV infusion Injection Oral capsule
Medication Description Designed to create immune tolerance to gluten antigens by targeting the liver Designed to block IL-15, a protein which triggers intestinal inflammation and damage in celiac patients Designed to restore “leaky” junctions in the intestine to reduce inflammation caused by gluten
Chance of Receiving Placebo


Group A: No placebo

Group B: 1 in 4

1 in 4 1 in 3
Must be following a gluten-free diet to participate? Yes, 12+ months Yes, 12+ months Yes, 6+ months
Must be actively experiencing celiac disease symptoms to participate? No Yes Yes
Compensation available? Yes Yes Yes
Travel Reimbursement Available? Yes Yes Yes
Age Requirement 18-70 18-70 18+
Study Site Locations US US & Canada US & Canada
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See If You Qualify survey.proactiveceliac.

See If You Qualify

Select a study below and fill out the brief screening survey to find out within minutes if you may qualify to participate:

ACeD Study

PROACTIVE Celiac Study

CeDLara Study

Interested, but Have Questions or Concerns?

We understand feeling uncertain about participating in research, especially if you have never participated in a study before. We put together a list of some of the most common perceived barriers to participating in clinical trials and studies. We address each concern with information that we hope encourages you to consider participating.

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