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Marilyn’s Message February 2015

I cannot stress enough how important your generous commitment is to our ongoing work here at Celiac Disease Foundation. I am pleased to report that we are making real progress in focusing resources and attention on celiac disease. For example, next month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be hosting a two-day meeting at…

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Marilyn’s Message January 2015

I will spare you my righteous indignation (I did not, however, spare my spouse who got an earful yesterday morning). You and I both know that the comedian, Joy Behar, is a TV personality who gets paid by offending any and all. In case you missed her outrageous comments on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show yesterday…

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Marilyn’s Message November 2014

The holiday season is a time of reflection, and each of us at Celiac Disease Foundation want to thank you for all that you have done this year. You can read about everything you have helped make possible in our Year in Review. You should also know that we are not the only ones who…

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Marilyn’s Message September 2014

One year ago, Celiac Disease Foundation introduced our School Nurse Awareness Plan (SNAP!) Back-to-School outreach campaign. Since then, with your generous support, our Chapters have educated more than 2,000 school nurses and health aides throughout the country in the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. This fall, we are extending our Back-to-School campaign, at your request, to include outreach to physician offices. Through our Community Engagement Survey, you asked that CDF create a program to allow you to directly participate in educating our school health workers and our medical community about celiac disease. CDF now proudly presents the 2014 Back-to-School Advocacy Campaign where by making a gift or by ordering Patient Info Cards to put in your physician’s office, or a “Why Does My Stomach Hurt All the Time?” Poster for your school health office, you are helping thousands of children and their parents get the help they need to reach a timely diagnosis.

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Marilyn’s Message August 2014

This month Celiac Disease Foundation launches the CDF Online Advocacy Program designed to empower the celiac community to advocate for our disease.  The Advocacy Program features CDF’s public policy priorities, tools and resources for taking action on both a national and local basis, a Legislative Action Center in partnership with the American Celiac Disease Alliance…

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Marilyn’s Message – June 2014

June has been a whirlwind of activity for the CDF National Office with the presenting of the 2014 National Conference & Gluten-Free EXPO in Pasadena, California.  In keeping with CDF’s mission of educating medical providers about celiac disease diagnosis and treatment, CDF kicked off the Conference weekend on Friday with Grand Rounds at Cedars-Sinai and…

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Marilyn’s Message May 2014

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month.  It is the month where we make an extra effort to let those outside our community know the statistics:  1 in 100 people worldwide have celiac disease; only 17% of people with celiac disease are diagnosed in the United States; 6-10 years is the average time to diagnosis in…

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Marilyn’s Message March 2014

Spring is traditionally a time of rebirth and renewal.  As the season changes, so is Celiac Disease Foundation. Now that the FDA has recognized the need for gluten-free labeling rules and the gluten-free market is so plentiful, CDF is deploying our resources to address the nation’s abysmal diagnosis rate for celiac disease.  With a focus…

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Marilyn’s Message February 2014

With your support, Celiac Disease Foundation had an impactful 2013, making enormous strides in celiac disease, education, advocacy, awareness and research. This year, we’re adding community fundraising to our arsenal with the new and improved Team Gluten-Free. With new tools and resources, participants can easily raise funds in support of our mission. Community fundraising is…

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Marilyn’s Message December 2013

Since inception in 1990, Celiac Disease Foundation has been at the forefront of celiac disease research and education. From sponsoring the first serology workshop that led to today’s celiac disease blood test, advocating on Capitol Hill for gluten-free labeling laws, partnering with mainstream manufacturers in creating today’s gluten-free marketplace, to launching a nationwide support network, CDF has played a crucial role in improving the lives of those with celiac disease and their loved ones. CDF is proud of its accomplishments during 2013. We couldn’t have done it without your generous support. Read more about how we have continued to drive diagnosis rates in the fight against celiac disease.

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