As part of our agenda to dramatically advance celiac disease research in 2016 and beyond, Celiac Disease Foundation has launched iCureCeliac, a massive patient registry database that promises to shorten the timeframe and lower the cost of developing life-enhancing treatments and a cure for celiac disease.

The iCureCeliac database of patient-contributed and patient-controlled data will, for the first time, empower celiac disease researchers to use Big Data analysis tools to find treatments and cures for celiac disease. iCureCeliac is one of 10 interrelated disease databases being managed by Genetic Alliance, a genetic-based disease consortium. When applied against other diseases, especially cancer, Big Data analytics has dramatically accelerated the drug development pipeline. By aggregating large amounts of data from thousands of patients living with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, researchers will be able to analyze disease patterns to:

  • Provide verifiable data for the FDA to secure stronger gluten-free labeling rules for food manufacturers, restaurants, medicines, and cosmetics.
  • Explain why some celiac disease patients are asymptomatic while others suffer from even microscopic exposure to gluten.
  • Offer explanations and solutions for mental health symptoms of celiac disease, including brain fog and depression.
  • Reveal long-term patient implications of celiac disease, both treated and untreated.
  • Undertand linkages with other diseases.
  • Improve disease diagnostic rates.
  • Speed the development of new treatments.
  • Find a cure.

We are as committed as you are to preserving patient privacy and control. In addition to state-of-the-art encryption technology, iCureCeliac software guarantees that all access to personal health data is controlled exclusively by the contributing patient. If you are interested in learning more about iCureCeliac, please click here.

Together, we know that we can make a positive difference in the lives of celiac disease patients and others with gluten-related disorders. For CDF, advancing celiac disease research is a top priority. Please consider helping us today. Make your generous, tax-deductible gift today of $25 or more to help advance CDF’s research agenda.

To Our Health,