Last month, we shared the statistics from the first 1,200 participants in iCureCeliac®. Our first cut of analysis revealed interesting and, quite frankly, potentially alarming numbers about celiac disease, such as:

  • 33 percent of iCureCeliac® participants reported that diagnosis took longer than five years from the onset of their first symptoms.
  • 53 percent of iCureCeliac® participants do not think the gluten-free diet is sufficient to treat their disease.
  • 43 percent of iCureCeliac® participants
    report that they cannot live a normal life
    due to their gluten-related disorder.

iCureCeliac® accelerates research efforts to treat and ultimately cure celiac disease. From targeted clinical trial recruitment to providing patient data about the impact of the gluten-free diet, iCureCeliac® data is already shaping the types of research studies conducted that are most beneficial to you – the patient and caregiver.

To continue this momentum, to combat the shockingly low diagnosis rate, the near impossibility of maintaining a strict gluten-free diet outside of the home, and the inability for patients and their caregivers to live a normal life, more patient data is needed.

iCureCeliac® is our best path to a cure. We must reach the millions of individuals affected by celiac disease and share our case for joining iCureCeliac®, empowering patient-powered research and cures.

We need committed individuals like you to help fund our efforts to build iCureCeliac® into the registry that will revolutionize celiac disease research – the registry that will lead to a cure. I hope you will consider this request carefully and make a donation today.

To Our Health,

Marilyn G. Geller
Chief Executive Officer