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Symptoms Assessment Tool

If you have unexplained symptoms or have a family member with celiac disease, complete our Symptoms Assessment Tool to see if you have an increased risk for celiac disease. You will also receive a free product from Proud Sponsor Schär.

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Gluten-Free Candy List

Happy April Fools’ Day! Don’t let the date fool you, we aren’t joking about these delicious, gluten-free candies. Check out our Easter and Passover gluten-free candy list to make sure these holidays are all they’re cracked up to be! The candies listed are considered to be gluten-free by their United States manufacturers.

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Shine A Light on Celiac Disease

During May Celiac Awareness Month, the Celiac Disease Foundation will join with celiac disease organizations around the world in an international campaign to strengthen our message and mission to raise awareness of celiac disease.

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