Two Programs Welcome Innovative Proposals on Understanding Celiac Disease  

Los Angeles, CA (March 27, 2024) – The Celiac Disease Foundation, a global leader in advancing celiac disease research, has joined forces with the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) Foundation to introduce two groundbreaking awards specifically designed to advance celiac disease research. These initiatives aim to foster novel research endeavors, emphasizing the importance for medical professionals to delve into the complexities of this lifelong autoimmune condition. 

Marilyn G. Geller, CEO of the Celiac Disease Foundation, expresses pride in the collaboration’s mission, stating, “Our partnership with the NASPGHAN Foundation not only cultivates a robust community of investigators but also underscores the significance of dedicated research in enhancing patient care in celiac disease.” 

Both sets of awards are open to researchers in North America who are members of NASPGHAN and its subgroups for nurses and dietitians, the Association of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Nurses and the Council for Pediatric Nutrition Professionals. The submission deadline is July 1, 2024, with decisions to be announced at the NASPGHAN annual meeting in October. Learn more and apply online.  

“These prizes provide crucial assistance to individuals throughout their careers, from early-stage investigators to established scientists, fostering a diverse community of researchers dedicated to promoting understanding of—and one day a cure for—celiac disease,” said Robert Anderson, MB, ChB, PhD, the Celiac Disease Foundation’s Principal Science & Innovation Advisor. 

Celiac Disease Foundation/NASPGHAN Celiac Disease Pilot Grants  

This grant program is designed to encourage and fund pilot projects that address critical issues related to celiac disease and gluten-free diet management. Individual projects requesting up to $25,000 USD for one year will be considered. Applicants must hold active membership in NASPGHAN at the time of application. Investigators at all career stages are encouraged to apply. The primary investigator must hold a medical or postdoctoral degree (MD, PhD, or equivalent), an advanced nursing degree (BSN with an MS/PhD), or a degree in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics/Nutrition, or Social Work. 

Celiac Disease Foundation/NASPGHAN Young Investigator Development Award 

This award is a two-year grant designed to support members of NASPGHAN who are passionate about advancing research careers in celiac disease. This award will provide financial support to promising researchers in the early stages of their career, fostering their potential to contribute significantly to independent basic, translational, or clinical research in pediatric celiac disease. Applicants must be a NASPGHAN member in good standing for at least two years and be no more than five years from fellowship completion. The awardee must devote a minimum of 75% of his/her professional time directly to the project. The two-year award is for $150,000 total ($75,000 per year). Learn more. 

“The NASPGHAN Foundation is excited to partner with the Celiac Disease Foundation in sponsorship of research grant funding to advance the care of children with celiac disease,” said Dr. Ann O. Scheimann, NASPGHAN Foundation President. 

To learn more about the Celiac Disease Foundation, visit and follow the Foundation’s social media on Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, and Threads 

About the Celiac Disease Foundation  

The Celiac Disease Foundation, established in 1990, is a leading global patient advocacy organization committed to accelerating diagnosis, treatments, and a cure for celiac disease. Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the millions of individuals around the world affected by this genetic autoimmune disease through our strategic investments in research, advocacy, and education. Our iCureCeliac® Patient Registry and extensive patient recruitment services at enable us to identify qualified patient candidates and speed their enrollment to advance critical disease research. Our unparalleled advocacy program has led the way to secure federal recognition and first-ever research funding from agencies including the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. We adhere to the highest scientific and ethical standards as we work each day to promote understanding of celiac disease, empower our patient and provider community, and collaborate with partners and stakeholders to carry our mission forward.  

About NASPGHAN and the NASPGHAN Foundation 

The mission of the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition is to be a world leader in research, education, clinical practice and advocacy for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition in health and disease. 

The North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, founded in 1972, is the only society in North America and the largest in the world, dedicated to serving the Pediatric Gastroenterology and nutrition communities. NASPGHAN was established to advance the understanding of the normal development and physiology of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver in infants, children, and adolescents, and to foster the dissemination of this knowledge through scientific meetings, professional education, public education, and interaction with other organizations concerned with Pediatric Gastroenterology and nutrition. 

The NASPGHAN Foundation funds and supports the professional and patient education and research missions of NASPGHAN. 


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