LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2, 2022 — In an encouraging move in the field of celiac disease treatment research, biopharmaceutical company Anokion SA has announced that Pfizer has made a $35 million equity investment in the company through its Pfizer Breakthrough Growth Initiative.

The Celiac Disease Foundation, as the nation’s leading celiac disease patient advocacy organization and the largest nonprofit patient recruiter for celiac disease clinical trials and studies, is pleased to announce it will provide patient recruitment and eligibility screening for Anokion’s phase 1b/2 clinical trial for its investigational drug, KAN-101.

“Patient recruitment is a critical part of our mission to accelerate research to develop treatments and a cure for celiac disease,” said Marilyn G. Geller, Chief Executive of Celiac Disease Foundation. “With the trust we’ve established in the celiac disease patient community, we’re pleased to offer our biopharmaceutical partners proven, cost-effective services to ensure successful clinical trial patient outreach and enrollment.”

KAN-101 aims to re-educate the immune cells that drive celiac disease, so they do not respond to gluten antigens, while leaving the healthy components of the immune system intact. Celiac Disease Foundation was a major recruiter for Anokion’s KAN-101 Phase 1 clinical trial, the ACeD Study. In January, Anokion announced successful completion of that trial, evaluating KAN-101 for the treatment of celiac disease, with promising results.

Celiac Disease Foundation Partners with Anokion on Phase 1b/2 Study of KAN-101