For years, the Celiac Disease Foundation has been demanding treatments primarily because up to 50% of all celiac patients report ongoing symptoms even when attempting to strictly adhere to the gluten-free diet. The number of treatments in the pipeline, while encouraging, remains relatively small when compared to other diseases.   

As we have repeatedly demonstrated, the Foundation is committed to leading the fight for our patient community to finally have access to therapies adjunctive to the gluten-free diet. This is why, on July 5, we are launching a major initiative across all our digital platforms to add 2,000 more patients nationwide to our patient registry, iCureCeliac®, the single best patient-centered resource for celiac disease researchers in the world. Patient registries like iCureCeliac® can make a real impact on lowering the cost of patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials because they give researchers the capability to identify and target prospects for clinical trials with very specific demographics, biomarkers, symptoms, and geography. This is why iCureCeliac® is our best path toward treatments and a cure.  

Originally launched in 2016 with a grant from the federally-funded Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), iCureCeliac® has grown to include 9,000 patients whose insights help researchers to better understand the disease. But researchers are telling us that to accelerate the search for treatments and a cure, we need to significantly increase the number of iCureCeliac® participants.  

The campaign for iCureCeliac® features a new and compelling short film by filmmaker, Hayley Repton, that highlights the importance of participating in iCureCeliac®. We are pleased to share that the first 300 participants with physician-confirmed celiac disease who sign up for iCureCeliac® and complete the surveys will be eligible to receive free gluten-free product from CDF Proud Sponsor Schar. Please join iCureCeliac® today to share your or your child’s experience living with celiac disease. Your contribution will make a direct impact on the search for treatments and, one day, a cure for celiac disease.  

Please click here to watch the film.