Los Angeles, CA (January 27, 2022) – The Celiac Disease Foundation, the nation’s leading patient advocacy organization for celiac disease, announces its newest appointee, Casey Guber, to its Board of Directors. The officers for 2022 are Chair Adrienne Bender, Vice Chair John Wagner, Secretary Brad Herrema, and Treasurer Jordan Ramer. Reappointed are Directors Lee Jones, Jamie Resin, Linda Solomon, John Wagner, and Kristin Yarema.

Casey’s passion for joining the Celiac Disease Foundation is personal. His daughter, Charlie, was just over 2-years-old when she lost 20% of her body weight and was diagnosed with failure to thrive. She became disengaged and experienced personality changes. Charlie had such low energy there were times she fell asleep on the playground at preschool. Casey’s wife, Erika, is a physician and began working with their pediatrician to help Charlie. Ultimately, blood tests diagnosed Charlie with celiac disease.

With this news, Casey and Ericka decided to make substantial lifestyle changes, which included creating a completely gluten-free household to support Charlie, who is now 3 ½ and thriving.

“I realize how impactful this diagnosis is. It affects the way a family shops, eats, socializes, and experiences the world,” stated Casey. “A simple weekend trip can suddenly get complicated trying to find the right food and restaurants. I want to help people better navigate this disease and hopefully move towards a cure.”

Casey is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Colorado Boulder, and his Master of Science in Health Administration from the University of Colorado Denver. Casey lives in Denver with his wife, Erika, Charlie, and her little brother, Landon.

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About the Celiac Disease Foundation

The Celiac Disease Foundation is the nation’s leading patient advocacy organization for celiac disease. Since its founding in 1990, the Celiac Disease Foundation continues to champion many battles: federal funding for celiac disease research and labeling standards for gluten-free foods, widespread patient and provider education, access to mainstream gluten-free products, improved diagnostic tools, and accelerated development of therapeutic treatments and a cure. For more information, visit celiac.org.