Launched in February 2016, iCureCeliac® is a free online portal for patients, or their caregivers, to provide critical insights into life with celiac disease and gluten/wheat sensitivity. Anonymized questionnaire data, completed by iCureCeliac® participants under informed consent, are made available to researchers and governmental policy analysts to advance life-changing initiatives.

Your participation will help create better diagnostic tools and treatments for cross-contact and gluten consumption, governmental policy changes, and access to new and innovative clinical trials nationwide which may, one day, cure celiac disease.

Since its launch, iCureCeliac® has already contributed to two research studies regarding celiac disease and depression and celiac disease and associated conditions. With more than 5,000 participants registered to date, iCureCeliac® is shaping the type of research that is most important to you – the patient.

We are pleased to present our most recent findings:

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iCureCeliac® Reports Two Year Progress