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iCureCeliac® Study Presented at Digestive Disease Week 2018

In a Medscape Gastroenterology article covering Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2018, William Balistreri, MD, reported on the studies presented that addressed reliable, cost-effective celiac disease detection. One of the studies highlighted in the article, Forgoing the Duodenal Biopsy for Celiac Disease Diagnosis Among Adults in the United States: Results of a National Survey, analyzed data […]

Prevalence of Epilepsy in Celiac and Gluten-Sensitive Patients

Previous studies have found celiac disease to be associated with several neurological complications. In a new study, researchers reviewed the available literature to determine the prevalence of epilepsy in patients with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, and vice versa. For the purposes of this study, the researchers defined “gluten sensitivity” as patients with positive celiac-specific […]

Hidden Gluten in Restaurant Foods Labeled “Gluten-Free”

At the 2018 ACG Annual Scientific Meeting, Columbia University Medical Center researchers – including Celiac Disease Foundation Medical Advisory Board member Peter Green and Research Committee member Benjamin Lebwohl – presented results from a new study on detecting gluten in restaurant foods. The researchers found 32% of restaurant foods labeled “gluten-free” contained detectable amounts of […]

ImmusanT Announces Initiation of Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Therapeutic Vaccine for Celiac Disease

On September 27th, 2018, ImmusanT, Inc., announced that the first patient has been dosed in its Phase 2 clinical trial, RESET CeD. The RESET CeD trial will test the safety and efficacy of Nexvax2®, a therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of celiac disease patients who carry the immune recognition genes for HLA-DQ2.5 (approximately 90% of celiac […]

Effect of Celiac Disease on Pregnancy Before and After Diagnosis

Previous studies have found celiac disease to be associated with several conditions affecting pregnancy and female reproductive outcomes. In a new population-based study, researchers sought to determine how celiac disease affects pregnancy outcomes, both before and after celiac disease diagnosis. Using data from Danish national registries, researchers compared pregnancy outcomes in women with celiac disease […]

Global Prevalence of Celiac Disease

In a new study, researchers conducted a meta-analysis and review of studies from all over the world to estimate the global prevalence of celiac disease and identify possible variations in prevalence between different regions and populations. Prevalence refers to the proportion of individuals who have a condition at or during a particular time period. A […]

Gluten-Free Diet May Reduce Psoriatic Disease Severity

On June 20, 2018, the Medical Board of the National Psoriasis Foundation published new dietary recommendations for adults with psoriasis in JAMA Dermatology. Based upon strong evidence covered in this systematic review, the board recommends a hypocaloric diet (i.e., consuming fewer calories than are expended) in overweight and obese patients with psoriasis to reduce disease […]

Food Knowledge and Psychological State Predict Gluten-Free Diet Adherence

The results of a large cross-sectional study published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics showed that psychological distress and poor knowledge of the gluten-free diet were independent risk factors for inadequate adherence to the gluten-free diet among celiac disease patients. At present, the only available treatment for celiac disease is maintaining a lifelong, gluten-free diet. Consuming […]

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Linked with Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivity

In a new study, researchers from Columbia University Medical Center have found that a significant subset of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome has gastrointestinal symptoms and blood markers associated with non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS). Extreme fatigue that does not improve with rest is the defining symptom of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), commonly known as chronic fatigue […]