Los Angeles, CA (September 5, 2023)The Celiac Disease Foundation, a trusted partner in optimizing patient recruitment and retention, today announces the launch of its iRecruitCeliac platform, which brings together solutions to accelerate enrollment in clinical trials for celiac disease and comorbid conditions. 

With an established, 30-year track record of patient engagement, the Foundation understands that patient recruitment and retention pose significant challenges in bringing new drugs to market. The team is committed to tackling these obstacles head-on, streamlining the process, and driving progress in celiac disease studies. 

“Our platform is dedicated to driving scientific innovation that changes lives,” said Chief Executive Officer Marilyn G. Geller. “With iRecruitCeliac, our mission is clear: to expedite the development of effective treatments for celiac disease, while enhancing the quality of life for all people affected by this genetic autoimmune disease.” 

Through iRecruitCeliac, the Foundation offers expert guidance for study design, curates diverse patient advisory panels, designs impactful study branding and marketing, identifies high-performing clinical sites, targets and pre-screens patients effectively reducing screen failures, and provides real-time recruitment statistics and progress – along with other strategically targeted offerings. 

The Foundation has successfully provided recruitment services for the majority of North American clinical trials for celiac disease therapeutics with its solutions powered by proprietary technology and the expertise of its dedicated, experienced in-house team. It has contributed to numerous studies exploring celiac disease and comorbid conditions, solidifying its reputation as the go-to resource for celiac disease patient recruitment. 

The iRecruitCeliac study screening platform, iQualifyCeliac, offers clients the largest North American database—over 22,000 registrants—of highly motivated celiac disease patients who are eager to enroll in studies.  

Comprehensive, cost-effective, proven methods, and proprietary cloud-based technology – all with unrivaled access to qualified celiac disease patients – set the platform apart, speeding the right patients into partners’ studies and retaining them there. iQualifyCeliac connects patients, in-house call center specialists, site coordinators, contract research organizations, and study sponsors, streamling the screening and tracking process.  

With iRecruitCeliac, biopharmaceutical partners benefit from unmatched celiac disease patient databases and extensive digital reach that targets qualified patients effectively and connects them to study opportunities.  

“We are proud to bring iRecruitCeliac to our biopharmaceutical and contract research organization clients,” said Director of Scientific Affairs Julia McBeth. “Combining our suite of solutions on one platform allows us to better assist our valued partners as we work together to improve celiac disease treatment options.” 

For more information about iRecruitCeliac, please visit irecruitceliac.org. 

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