Do you have celiac disease and live in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Celiac Disease Navacims Study: Researchers are collecting blood samples to learn more about the antigens in your body that cause certain T cells to trigger intestinal damage. This will help to develop new potential treatments to reduce damage caused by these cells and prevent future damage in celiac patients.

If you qualify for this study and choose to participate, a trained professional will visit you once at your home to collect a blood sample and a cheek swab sample. You will not be asked to eat gluten or take an investigational drug.

Time to complete this study: 30 minutes
Compensation for your time: $50.00

To participate, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of celiac disease
  • Live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California
Interested? Find out in minutes if you may qualify


Questions? Contact [email protected]

About the Study Sponsor

Parvus Therapeutics is pioneering a novel class of disease-modifying therapeutics – Navacims™ – that represent a paradigm shift in the way that autoimmune diseases are treated. Current approaches generally require broad suppression of the immune system to prevent immune attack against a patient’s own tissues. In contrast, Parvus’ Navacim drug candidates are able to selectively blunt the action of pathogenic immune cells (including cytotoxic T cells and antigen-presenting cells), thereby restoring immune tolerance and potentially reversing disease.
Bay Area Celiac Disease Study