In September, CDF presented two studies from the iCureCeliac patient registry at the 2017 International Celiac Disease Symposium (ICDS) in New Delhi, India. ICDS is the world’s largest gathering of experts on celiac disease and non-celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity. This year’s Symposium featured discussions on promising immunological insights and advances related to the disease.

In our first study, CDF collaborated with researchers at Columbia University Celiac Disease Center to understand how depression modifies the association between gluten-free diet adherence and symptoms in patients with celiac disease. Read the complete abstract here. The second study, established that diagnosis of one or more autoimmune diseases in addition to celiac disease is common, particularly among women and older adults. Our findings from this study parallel previously documented associations, therefore supporting the use of patient registries as a source of medical research. Furthermore, the results of this study have implications for primary care, gastroenterology, and rheumatology practice, and will empower healthcare providers to better predict and manage the additional autoimmune diseases that may develop in patients with celiac disease. Read the complete abstract here. Additionally, we partnered with Children’s National Health System on their abstract regarding our joint Resnick Celiac Disease and Gluten-Related Conditions Psychological Health Training Program. Read the complete abstract here.

Celiac disease research has gained tremendous momentum in recent years, growing from four potential therapies in 2015 to more than 20 now in development. CDF is playing a key role in assisting biopharmaceutical and diagnostic companies in recruiting patients to serve on steering committees and patient advisory councils, and for participation in clinical trials, focus groups and research studies. We thank you for your generous donations that are having a direct impact on advancing research toward treatments and a cure.

To Our Health,

Marilyn G. Geller
Chief Executive Officer