Growing up, Skylar Weitz was self-conscious and shy about having celiac disease – she didn’t like feeling different from her peers. Today, at 11 years old, five years after her diagnosis, Skylar is proud to educate people about her disease and about how it affects a patient’s everyday life.

In order to help raise awareness and funds to advance research toward a cure for celiac disease, Skylar began The Skylar Project where she makes and sells beautiful bracelets. Since last fall, Skylar has raised $3,000 for Celiac Disease Foundation which will bring us that much closer to finding a cure. Skylar plans to continue donating her proceeds toward celiac disease research.

Skylar’s commitment to raising awareness of celiac disease and advocating for a cure is encouraging and admirable. Her efforts, together with the many other active members of our community, are helping to improve the quality of life for everyone affected by celiac disease.

Skylar’s success story was featured in Gluten-Free Living Magazine. You can find out more and order the bracelets by emailing [email protected].

View Skylar’s fully story here.

The Skylar Project: Bracelets For a Cure