Meet Henry Grunzweig. Henry was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 15. Henry suffered from debilitating symptoms despite seeking help from countless health professionals. A chance blood draw finally revealed celiac disease was the cause of his suffering. After he was diagnosed and maintained a strict gluten-free diet, his mind and body recovered quickly.

Henry’s journey is far from over.  Adhering to a strict gluten-free diet can be daunting and challenging in social situations. Celiac disease patients have an increased risk of consuming trace amounts of gluten when dining out at restaurants and attending social gatherings. Now, at 28 years old, Henry has an active social life and is vigilant about his gluten-free diet but is still experiencing symptoms. As a result, his goal was to eliminate any possible source of cross-contact by ensuring every meal was free of gluten.

We invited Proud Sponsor Trifecta to partner with us to provide Henry with a month supply of meals. With a 100% gluten-free kitchen, Trifecta is committed to providing nutritious, organically-sourced food nationwide. Trifecta meal delivery service ships ready-to-eat meals right to your door, making it convenient for those with celiac disease to receive safe, gluten-free meals.

After one month of eating Clean Meal Plan from Proud Sponsor Trifecta, we interviewed Henry to share his experience.


  1. After incorporating Trifecta meals into your day-to-day diet, how did you feel? Did any of your symptoms subside? Sometimes, no matter how disciplined you are about a gluten-free diet, cross-contact is inevitable. With Trifecta, I didn’t have to second guess a single meal and it was so comforting to know that I was keeping 100% gluten-free throughout the day. It felt refreshing not to have to worry about cross-contact or label reading. After eating Trifecta meals, I saw substantial improvement in my symptoms and overall health. I felt more energized and haven’t had a single instance of accidental gluten exposure – something I know all those who avoid gluten have felt and hate!




  1. Do you have any advice for others who struggle with cross-contact while trying to maintain an active social life? Don’t let celiac disease be a hindrance to your everyday activities. While it takes a concerted effort to prevent cross-contact, I think there are a couple of tips to put into practice to minimize risk:

Plan Ahead: Before dining out at restaurants, do your research. Call the restaurant ahead of time to discuss their menu choices. If you are attending a social gathering, eat ahead of time or bring a dish or two so that you are sure you can eat.

Be Assertive: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are at a restaurant, ensure the server knows that you need to be gluten free. Ask follow-up questions about ingredients and preparation. Don’t be afraid to send things back. Remember, you are always your best advocate.

Of course, nobody wants to be exposed to gluten, but it happens to the best of us. Anytime this happens, use it as a learning opportunity. By equipping yourself with the right mindset and resources, you will be able to dine out and attend social gatherings with more confidence.

  1. What were your favorite Trifecta meals? The Clean Mean Plan provides a wide variety of options. I was quite impressed by the meal selections. My favorite meals were the Honey Dijon Steak and the Carbonara Pasta. Overall, each dish had a lot of taste and flavor and I think it is a great option for individuals seeking a gluten-free meal plan to offset any symptoms they may be experiencing.

We are grateful to Proud Sponsor Trifecta for partnering with us to provide Henry with safe and nutritious gluten-free meals. For more information on Trifecta’s meal plans, click here.


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