I was doing everything right, but I was also doing everything. It was exhausting, and I knew that if it was this way for me, it must be this way for many, many other busy parents. The moment celiac disease was entering the public consciousness, it entered my life. Not once, but twice. Both of my sons were diagnosed. Like many parents of celiac kids, I spent hours combing Pinterest, recipe sites and WebMD looking for answers, but also looking for community. I was so happy to find the Celiac Disease Foundation and the helpful resources they provide.

My particular struggle wasn’t simply about finding ways to make celiac life simple (and delicious) for my family, it was also about divining modern solutions that helped my sons enjoy the same meals as their friends. I grew to feel embraced and empowered by the community, and after what felt like my millionth celiac-friendly pizza fail, I realized there was a real, practical way for me to give back all of the support I was receiving. That was the day I set out to create commercially available, nutritious, gluten-free pizza crust. CAULIPOWER was born, and it spread like wildfire to become the #8 brand pizza in the USA today.

No one has been more surprised and humbled by the popularity of our pizzas than me, and I think it is because we made one of the world’s most beloved foods gluten-free, healthier, but at the same time very tasty. I have been overwhelmed by the love people are showing for CAULIPOWER – every week I get several letters thanking us. Why? Because people thought they could never have pizza back in their lives either as celiacs or families with celiac members.The most heartwarming one I want to share with you was a handwritten letter we received from who we now consider the President of our Fan Club, Antoinette. She turned 98 when she shared her story with us last year and has been celiac since the 60s when it was even more difficult to find alternatives. Check out her story.

From the outset, CAULIPOWER’s goal – my goal – wasn’t just to create an alternative pizza crust; it was to create a better-for-you pizza. A delicious pizza that loves you back. So we iterated and iterated until we came to a recipe that used less sugar, calories, fat, and salt, and contained a lot more nutritional benefit than other gluten-free and traditional pizzas.

As our CAULIPOWER community grows, I experience the joy all over again. I hear stories from grateful, satisfied people. I see inventive recipes, ideas and uses for our products that spark frenzied excitement from followers. And that makes this a very special May Celiac Awareness Month for me, and for all of us at CAULIPOWER. There’s something exhilarating about owning a company with a true philosophy behind it, becoming a Proud Sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation, and being a part of a team that is dedicated to making a difference. Together, our impact is greater. The response we get from our community feels more real, more actionable. We’re able to take suggestions and really hear and grasp what people want, because we are those people. If you’ve never picked cauliflower bits out of your hair after a comical attempt at making the homemade version, consider yourself lucky.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of trying CAULIPOWER, (and those who have!) check our store locator and bring this coupon with you for $1 off any CAULIPOWER or Sweet PotaTOASTS product. Let us know what you think, because we’re always listening and striving to make life easier, more enjoyable and more delicious with the superfood power of our favorite veggies. That’s what this is all about and why I owe you all my sincere thanks. We wouldn’t exist without you.

– Gail Becker