iCureCeliac® is the only public celiac disease patient registry designed to help researchers better understand, and ultimately cure, celiac disease and non-celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity. iCureCeliac® allows patients to contribute medical information and their experiences living with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity to advance life-changing initiatives in research, education, and advocacy. Your participation in iCureCeliac® will help discover new ways to improve patient lives through better diagnostic tools, treatments for cross-contact and gluten consumption, governmental policy changes, and access to new and innovative clinical trials nationwide, which may one day cure celiac disease.

Launched in March 2016 by Celiac Disease Foundation, iCureCeliac® has already contributed to two research studies regarding celiac disease and depression and celiac disease and associated conditions. With more than 3,000 participants registered to date, iCureCeliac® is shaping the type of research that is most important to you – the patient.

We are pleased to present our most recent findings:


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