CDF_Research_4x4in-150x150Celiac Disease Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of the CDF Research Committee, chaired by
Daniel Adelman, MD, with members Sonia Kupfer, MD, Benjamin Lebwohl, MD, and Fernando Velayos, MD. Committee members will select two representatives from CDF’s Patient Engagement Celiac Disease Network to join them in overseeing CDF’s research-related activities, including iCureCeliac™. Research Committee responsibilities include:

  • Informing researchers about iCureCeliac™ and encouraging them to develop studies using iCureCeliac™ data
  • Facilitating engagement between researchers and iCureCeliac™ patients and caregivers
  • Informing network members about the research process and soliciting their input on iCureCeliac™ research activities
  • Facilitating the development of new research studies based on topics of importance to the iCureCeliac™ community
  • Publishing and disseminating results from iCureCeliac™-supported studies

Additionally, the Research Committee will provide final review and approval of all research studies to be conducted through iCureCeliac™.

iCureCeliac™ is a patient-powered research network (patient registry) dedicated to enhancing and accelerating research efforts to better understand and ultimately cure celiac disease. iCureCeliac™ allows patients to contribute medical information and their experiences living with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to help researchers improve treatments and find a cure. Data and insights contributed by iCureCeliac™ participants under informed consent are available to researchers investigating topics important to people with celiac disease. Research topics can include treatments and outcomes, lifestyle and activities, quality of life, healthcare, biomarkers of celiac disease, and many more.

We are pleased to share that Celimmune and Celiac Disease Foundation have joined forces to deploy the iCureCeliac patient registry as a screen for phase 2 clinical study for refractory celiac disease type II. This is the first-ever use of the iCureCeliac™ registry to support celiac disease therapeutic treatment development.

We welcome researchers in the United States and worldwide to learn more about conducting research with iCureCeliac™ and to contact us at [email protected] to explore research studies and collaborations.