imagesA diagnosis of celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity not only changes what we eat, but how we celebrate. Gluten-free holidays certainly take planning and coordination to ensure that you or your loved ones can be safe while eating and enjoy the experience with some of your regular traditions! Here are some of our recommendations to create a fun, safe, and delicious gluten-free holiday season.

  • Research recipes that others recommend if you’re unsure of gluten-free baking; click here to view some delicious gluten-free recipes for all occasions.
  • Bake gluten-free items the day before or after baking gluten-containing items. Loose flour can stay airborne for several hours in kitchens and cross-contaminate your food.
  • Stuff your own Cornish game hen with gluten-free stuffing so you can enjoy the whole experience from preparation to stuffing, basting, and gravy-making with the drippings.
  • Use place cards to designate gluten-free items, and make sure you have a designated serving spoon to prevent cross-contamination between dishes. Download and print CDF place cards here.
  • Bring your own dish to parties to ensure something tasty, satisfying, and safe to eat.
  • Utilize cup-for-cup gluten-free baking mixes that easily substitute into your favorite recipes. Find many of these mixes from CDF Sponsors at the CDF Marketplace: Glutino, Hodgson Mill, Pamela’s Products, Bob’s Red Mill, and Schar.
  • Ready-made crusts for pies and tarts are especially helpful if you don’t have a dedicated gluten-free baking space available. Crushed graham style crackers from CDF Sponsor, Mary’s Gone Crackers, make great crusts for pies, bars, and cheesecakes.
  • Know that it’s common to mourn old favorite foods at holidays, and to struggle with difficult family members who refuse to understand your dietary needs. CDF offers support and tips for these situations here. With some planning and communication, you can create new traditions with your family to enjoy for years ahead!

happy holidays