On January 1, 2015 Celiac Disease Foundation launched its first Strategic Plan for the Years 2015-2018. Adopted unanimously by the CDF Board of Directors in December 2014, the Strategic Plan sets out the vision, mission and strategic priorities of the Foundation, building on the core operating values and assumptions underlying the Foundation’s approach to its mission.

Executive Service Corps of Southern California (ESC) facilitated the eight month planning process. ESC worked with the CDF Strategic Planning Committee to conduct an environmental scan including an internal organization assessment and interviews with community stakeholders and a review of community survey data. The environmental scan and organizational assessment helped Celiac Disease Foundation assess both the challenges and opportunities it is likely to face over the next three years and set the context for the choices reflected in this strategic plan.

CDF’s vision statement is a highly optimistic but credible shared dream of what is possible:   By 2018, 600,000 (1 in 5) Americans with celiac disease will be diagnosed and treated.

Successful implementation of this strategic plan will result in a significant increase in the number of people with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders who are diagnosed and treated. The Celiac Disease Foundation of 2018 will be a Foundation that influences the important debates of the day and engages a far greater percentage of the celiac and gluten sensitive community. In short, the 21st century Celiac Disease Foundation will be an institution that fulfills its vast potential to improve the quality of life for all people with gluten-related disorders.