It is said that a helping hand is no farther than at the end of your sleeve. For our five ING New York Marathon CDF Team Gluten-Free™ members, their helping feet are no farther than at the end of their running pants. Ashley Herriman, Tinsley Malloy, Josh Schieffer, Kim Woody and Kelly Williamson have committed to raising awareness for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity by proudly running 26 miles in our distinctive, CDF Team Gluten-Free™ signature shirt – showing the world that with diagnosis and the proper diet, celiacs can do ANYTHING. By Marathon rules, each runner must commit to raising a minimum of $2,500 for Celiac Disease Foundation by November 4, 2012.

ALERT: Our runners need your help! Only one of our runners, Kelly Williamson, has met the minimum fundraising requirement. This is where each and every one of us can make a difference. Your donation will allow children with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to have the life-changing experience of a week at a gluten-free summer camp – eating childhood favorites without worry of becoming ill or feeling different. It will allow for no-cost screening programs so that we change the current statistic that for every one person diagnosed, 89 still are not. And it will allow our CDF Team Gluten-Free™ members to run with the pride of being championed by a compassionate and loyal community.

We, the celiac and gluten-sensitive community, have an opportunity to support our tremendously dedicated marathoners. And to win an iPhone5. Donate at least $11 and you will be entered to win an iPhone5 from Crowdrise. Then, click the ‘Ask for Donations’ button and get your friends and family to donate to you too and they’ll also be signed up to win.

Celiac Disease Foundation provides you with the opportunity to do great things. Are You the One to lend a helping hand? We hope you will…Write me and let me know why you donated. We will let our community know the responses.

Kelly Williamson

Ashley Herriman

Josh Schieffer

Tinsley Meloy

Kimberly Woody

To Our Health,
Marilyn G. Geller

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