A decade ago, the Celiac Disease Foundation participated in the awarding of the William K. Warren Prize for Excellence in Celiac Disease Research, a legacy gift to recognize investigators whose research was judged to have made a significant contribution to the field of celiac disease research. Continuing in this tradition, in May 2022, the Celiac Disease Foundation established two annual international celiac disease research prizes to promote breakthrough scientific research so we can, one day, live in a world free of celiac disease.   

The Prize for Excellence in Celiac Disease Research, awarded at $25,000, recognizes investigators whose research has made a significant impact on clinical, translational, or transformative research in celiac disease. The Young Investigator Prize, awarded at $10,000, recognizes the exceptional achievements of an investigator in the early part of their career in celiac disease research.  

The award recipients are selected by a distinguished jury of celiac disease researchers and clinician-investigators, with the goal of inspiring a new generation of researchers to work in celiac disease.