Celiac disease is a serious, genetic autoimmune disease, and there is currently no medication or cure. For the 3 million Americans and 1 in 100 people worldwide with celiac disease, the only treatment is strict adherence to a gluten-free diet.  

May is Celiac/Coeliac Disease Awareness Month in the United States, Canada, and Europe, May 9-15 is Coeliac Awareness Week in the UK, and May 16 is recognized as International Celiac Disease Awareness Day.  

Expanding upon previous collaborative efforts, where iconic structures worldwide illuminated for awareness, celiac disease organizations across the globe are once more coming together to shed light on the seriousness of this autoimmune condition and the need for ongoing research, treatments, and ultimately, a cure. The Celiac Disease Foundation is proudly aligning with this global initiative to amplify our unified message. 

Light a Building in Your City

Many bridges, city halls, and skyscrapers have lights that will illuminate certain colors for special causes. You can request the landmarks in your area to be lit in blue on May 16, 2024, or any day in May, in support of International Celiac Disease Awareness Day.  

Check out this up-to-date list of the landmarks lighting up in support of celiac disease awareness around the world. 

How You Can Participate

  1. Most landmarks have a lighting request form online that you can complete. If you know of a landmark in your area that lights up for special causes and awareness days, please complete the form using the sample language below.  
  2. The request form may ask for your position at the Celiac Disease Foundation. If requested, please write “Volunteer.”  
  3. The request form may ask for the Celiac Disease Foundation’s EIN number. If requested, please write 95-4310830.  
  4. We request the landmarks light up blue 
  5. If the landmark administrator would like to speak to someone at the Celiac Disease Foundation to verify this information, please email Matthew Clark, [email protected]
  6. Once the landmark administrator has confirmed that the building will be lit in support of celiac disease awareness, please forward the confirmation to Matthew Clark, [email protected], so we can include it on the list of buildings being lit! Please send confirmation by May 10.  
  7. On the day of the lighting, take a picture or video of the landmark and send it to us for a chance to be included in our next newsletter, blog post, or social media!  

Sample Language for Requests:   

The Celiac Disease Foundation is a leading global patient advocacy organization for celiac disease. Since its founding in 1990, the Celiac Disease Foundation continues to champion many battles: federal funding for celiac disease research and labeling standards for gluten-free foods, widespread patient and provider education, access to mainstream gluten-free products, improved diagnostic tools, and accelerated development of therapeutic treatments and a cure. To learn more, visit celiac.org.  

During May Celiac Awareness Month, specifically on “International Celiac Disease Awareness Day,” May 16, the Celiac Disease Foundation will join with celiac disease organizations around the world in an international campaign to strengthen our message and mission to raise awareness of celiac disease. We will work together to light up buildings internationally and hope we can count on your support to light up the [INSERT LANDMARK NAME HERE] in blue.