The Celiac Disease Foundation is committed to driving diagnosis, treatments, and a cure for celiac disease. One way we fulfill this mission is by funding research at renowned institutions. In 2016, the Foundation created the Young Investigator Research Grant Award with the North American Society for the Study of Celiac Disease (NASSCD). Because of the acute lack of funding from NIH and other grant sources for celiac disease research relative to other autoimmune and digestive diseases, young researchers were gravitating toward diseases with greater opportunity for funding and advancement. We created this award with the intention of keeping some of the best and brightest researchers focused on finding treatments and a cure for celiac disease.

Another way we fulfill our mission of driving diagnosis, treatment, and a cure is through our Research Prizes. A decade ago, the Celiac Disease Foundation participated in the awarding of the William K. Warren Prize for Excellence in Celiac Disease Research, a legacy gift to recognize investigators whose research was judged to have made a significant contribution to the field of celiac disease research. Continuing in this tradition, in May 2022, the Celiac Disease Foundation established its annual international celiac disease research prizes to promote breakthrough scientific and clinical research so we can, one day, live in a world free of celiac disease: the Celiac Disease Foundation Prize for Excellence in Celiac Disease Research and the Young Investigator Prize in Basic Science and the Young Investigator Prize in Clinical Science.

Support the Work of our Reseachers

Please consider:

  1. Advancing research: Research awards help fund groundbreaking research that can lead to better understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of celiac disease. Your support enables scientists to undertake innovative projects and pursue new ideas that may not be feasible with traditional funding sources.
  2. Attracting talent: Research awards and prizes help attract talented and dedicated investigators to the field of celiac disease research. These awards and prizes provide crucial support to researchers at different stages of their careers, from early-stage investigators to established scientists, which can foster a diverse community of researchers working on celiac disease.
  3. Improving patient outcomes: Research focused on celiac disease can lead to better diagnosis, treatment, and management of the disease, which can significantly improve the quality of life for patients. Your support can play a pivotal role in accelerating progress towards improved patient outcomes.
  4. Economic impact: Celiac disease is a significant health issue, affecting millions of people worldwide. By supporting celiac disease research, donors can contribute to the development of new therapies, technologies, and diagnostic tools, which can lead to improved patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and stimulate economic growth.

Your tax-deductible gifts advance the field of celiac disease research, attract top talent to the field, improve patient outcomes, and stimulate economic growth.