Earn a Certificate of Training in Treating Gluten-Related Disorders from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and receive grant reimbursement for your fees. If you are a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist interested in treating celiac disease patients, this five-module program is for you!

Complete all five modules and be eligible to receive reimbursement for:

Module 1 – Medical Aspects of Gluten-Related Disorders and Gluten-Free Dietary Treatment

Module 2 – Going Gluten-Free: Moving Clients from Diagnosis to Implementation

Module 3 – Enhancing Quality of Life in Individuals on a Gluten-Free Diet

Module 4 – Gluten-Free Diet and Lifecycle

Module 5 – Nonresponsive Celiac Disease and Developing Alternative Treatments

The Celiac Disease Foundation is pleased to have supported the development of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Certificate of Training (COT) in Treating Gluten-Related Disorders and to offer reimbursement grants to those who complete the 5-module series. Eligibility is open to registered dietitian nutritionists in the United States who provide documentation of completion of the 5-module series, evidence of payment, and proof of current and valid, clean state licensure or registration. Grant recipients must also agree to be listed in the Celiac Disease Foundation Healthcare Practitioner Directory found at celiac.org/directory. Grant funding is capped at $270.

This continuing education activity supports the Celiac Disease Foundation’s goal to provide, promote, and support medical nutrition therapy learning to registered dietitian nutritionists who have an ongoing commitment to the celiac disease population. Grants are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis until the total budgeted amount is expended.

To qualify for reimbursement, please download and complete the Certificate of Training in Treating Gluten-Related Disorders Reimbursement Grant Form. Email to Brianna.Evers@celiac.org:

  • Completed COT Reimbursement Grant Form
  • Proof of completion of COT five-module program
  • Evidence of payment
  • Proof of current state licensure or registration

All credentialed dietitians who provide proof of COT completion will be noted in the Celiac Disease Foundation’s Healthcare Practitioner Directory with this designation.