Celiac Disease Foundation U

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What is Celiac Disease Foundation U?

Celiac Disease Foundation U is a nationwide college chapter program dedicated to fostering a supportive community for students, faculty and alumni affected by celiac disease and other gluten-related sensitivities. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for colleagues to connect and share not only their favorite restaurants and products, but also their story. We believe that no student should have to stand alone, which is why Celiac Disease Foundation created its program with the individual in mind, just for U.

The team at Celiac Disease Foundation U guides students through the process of starting chapters and planning events, while connecting them with other college students across the country. In addition, team members at Celiac Disease Foundation U maintain regular contact with college chapters to address all possible questions and concerns. We work closely with student leaders in order to help each club grow and reach its full potential.

Why Get Involved?


There are many incredible reasons to become an official Celiac Disease Foundation U chapter! Besides the opportunity to create your own network of like-minded individuals and raise awareness for a disorder that affects 1 in 100 people nationwide, you will also:u pg 2

  • Serve as a leader and gluten-free advocate on campus and in the local community
  • Gain professional experience for your resume and earn volunteer hours
  • Acquire skills in marketing, fundraising, event planning, volunteer development, community outreach, etc.
  • Attend the CDF National Conference held in Los Angeles, California each spring
  • Collaborate with other Celiac Disease Foundation U students from schools nationwide
  • Connect with leaders and experts on celiac disease and gluten sensitivity for advice, ideas and future opportunities
  • Work closely with sponsor groups to host product demos and explore new gluten-free options
  • Help Celiac Disease Foundation change the future for all who struggle with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders

Learn more about how to Start a Celiac Disease Foundation U College Chapter.

Please click here to take our Prospective Celiac Disease Foundation U Chapter Survey 

Celiac Disease Foundation U Chapters:

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