May Celiac Awareness Month is just around the corner!

We are counting on you and your child to help us raise awareness of celiac disease in your child's school this May.

Many schools host “Awareness Days” throughout the year for various diseases and important causes. On Monday, May 16, the Celiac Disease Foundation will be supporting schools and students nationwide for our second annual awareness day for celiac disease called Celiac Strong Day. 

In support of those with celiac disease, students in the school or classroom are encouraged to wear blue that day. CDF will send you educational brochures and swag to share with your classroom. Also prior to May 16, CDF will also be providing you with an educational email about celiac disease and the Celiac Disease Management for Learning Environments Training Program. We encourage your child’s teacher, principal, or school staff member to share it with all staff and parents via email on May 16.

To support this initiative and students with celiac disease, CDF Proud Sponsor Crunchmaster is also pleased to provide your school/classroom with sample-size packages of their gluten-free crackers.*

CDF is pleased to provide these helpful resources to help your child raise awareness of celiac disease this May. We also encourage your child to get creative to help educate their peers on May 16; they could give a classroom presentation, make a video, or create their own celiac awareness swag to share with the class – whatever they feel comfortable doing!

To participate, you MUST COMPLETE this form by April 1.

Please email Brianna Evers, [email protected], with any questions prior to the April 1 deadline.

We look forward to raising awareness together this May!

*Crunchmaster crackers are limited to the first 45 students/schools that complete the form. However, CDF can send brochures, swag, and an email template to all students/schools that complete the form by April 1. US residents only.