Celiac Disease Foundation CEO Joins a Study Developing a Breakthrough Screening Tool

The Celiac Disease Foundation asks patient families to participate in research every single day. Why? Because joining research studies and clinical trials is the only way to help scientists better understand this autoimmune disease and ultimately find a cure for celiac disease. This spring, I joined one of those important trials, funded by the Celiac Disease Foundation, to help researchers with the development of a revolutionary new screening tool for celiac disease that may eliminate the need for a gluten challenge and intestinal biopsy. A diagnostic tool like this would be a tremendous leap forward, offering a faster, easier, and less invasive way to diagnose celiac disease for millions. 

When my son was diagnosed with celiac disease after so many years with debilitating symptoms, it hit me hard. How could I help him? Even though I have had several negative blood tests, I know I carry the gene and could develop it myself at any time. That’s why I jumped at the chance to participate in research by taking a potentially groundbreaking blood test. 

What’s this new test? Dr. Jocelyn Silvester from Boston Children’s Hospital and Dr. Marisa Stahl from Children’s Hospital Colorado are collaborating to evaluate this potential new diagnostic test for celiac disease that could be an alternative to intestinal biopsy by looking for changes in IL-2 (a protein in your blood that regulates immunity). They’re also evaluating if blood may be exposed to gluten outside the body, so patients do not need to consume gluten for a diagnosis. How does this work? Put simply, researchers mix your blood with gluten and measure the change in IL-2 a few hours later.  

I’m excited to be a part of advancing celiac research and hope that you will be too. To find a study that you might qualify for, click here. 

You can also help raise awareness by sharing this storytogether, we can make a real difference for millions living with celiac disease.

To Our Health, 

Marilyn G. Geller

Chief Executive Officer