CDF’s Gluten-Free EXPO is America’s #1 event for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Pre-authorized members of the media will be granted complimentary access to the EXPO Hall on both Saturday and Sunday.

Media Pass Requests

To request a media pass to the Gluten-Free EXPO, please email [email protected]. Please include your name, publication, title, and link to at least one bylined article that the writer has published in the past 6 months.

The CDF Team will review your emails and reply with details on how to register.

Due to high demand, media badges are limited in number and will only be issued to representatives from established news outlets and websites. The Celiac Disease Foundation reserves the right to refuse media badges without cause.

Photography/Video Inquiries

All journalists must introduce themselves and obtain written permission of both exhibitors and attendees before photographing them. All video crews must be escorted through the EXPO Hall and Conference Areas by a member of the Celiac Disease Foundation Team.