Gluten-Free Travel

Brett Duncan
June 8, 11:00am

Brett was diagnosed with celiac disease but was determined not to let that affect her wanderlust. In fact, she and her husband saved up and quit their jobs so that they could spend an entire year and a half traveling around the world. She has travelled to almost 20 countries gluten-free. She is sharing all her tips and strategies that she learned as she traveled across the globe.

My How Things Have Changed: Gluten-Free Over the Years and What's to Come

Erica Dermer, Celiac and the Beast
June 9, 11:00am

Erica Dermer, founder of Celiac and the Beast, advocate, and author, understands it’s difficult to live in a world full of wheat and is here to make it a bit easier. She knows the ins and outs of celiac disease, the evolution of gluten-free foods and labeling over the last decade, and is hopeful for the advancements to come.

Using Gluten Detective to Monitor your Diet

David Winternheimer
June 9, 1:00pm

Glutenostics LLC, the company that makes Gluten Detective, an at-home urine/stool rapid test, will hold a short informational Q&A session to discuss post-gluten-consumption monitoring. David Winternheimer, PhD, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Glutenostics LLC, launching Gluten Detective to the US market in November 2017.  David is an avid supporter of the celiac community and is devoted to bringing novel technology solutions to market that help those with gluten-related conditions live happier, healthier lives.

Why Gluten-Free Sourdough?

Sadie Scheffer
June 8, 1:00pm

Sadie Scheffer, baker and owner of Bread SRSLY, dives into the history of breadmaking, breaks down the science of wild yeast, and shares why your belly will love gluten-free sourdough bread. Sadie is an artist, an MIT dropout, and an accidental bread baker. She founded Bread SRSLY in 2011 when a quest to impress her gluten-intolerant crush turned into a seriously addictive baking hobby. The proud parent of a thriving gluten-free sourdough starter, Sadie launched her business on an impulse, and learned how to run it between the baking and the bike-delivery runs. She now leads a team of 20 employees from Bread SRSLY’s Berkeley facility. You can find Bread SRSLY loaves in grocery store fridges throughout California, and in the home kitchens of gluten-free eaters nationwide.