Celiac Disease Center at Advocate Children’s Hospital

Celiac disease in children affects the whole family. The Advocate Children’s Hospital celiac center is the only comprehensive center dedicated to treatment of celiac disease in the northwest suburbs. Celiac disease is one of the most common inherited autoimmune diseases.

The celiac center is dedicated to providing full-service medical care for the child and family close to home.

Our pediatric gastroenterologist specializes in celiac disease diagnosis and ongoing medical care

Why choose our center?

  • Patient-centered approach, partnering with patients and families to provide care.
  • We are staffed by a comprehensive, compassionate team including pediatric gastroenterologist and registered dietitian/nutritionist specializing in celiac disease.
  • Free Individualized nutrition counseling for the entire family.
  • Gluten-free diet classes to address all aspects of the diet including, restaurant eating, label reading, school lunch, modifying the family kitchen.
  • Ongoing community outreach including partnering with celiac support groups and work with local restaurants and schools.