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GlutenDetect Test Kit

Even though you’re not experiencing symptoms, you may still be consuming harmful amounts of gluten. The at-home GlutenDetect test kit can be used to identify gluten exposure in those who are asymptomatic. Learn more!

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Patient Education and Advocacy Summit Sponsor Glutenostics

Thank you to Glutenostics for sponsoring our upcoming Patient Education and Advocacy Summit. Through the licensing, development, and commercialization of novel technologies, Glutenostics is bringing new tools to market that address the unmet needs of millions of Americans avoiding gluten for health concerns. Register now to be a part of this monumental event!

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Studies show that many people with celiac disease following a strict gluten-free diet still unintentionally ingest gluten, damaging the small intestine. Feel confident that you are truly gluten-free with GlutenDetect’s at-home urine or stool tests, the only product available for self-monitoring gluten ingestion.

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