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Bay Area Celiac Disease Study

Researchers are collecting blood samples to learn more about the antigens that cause certain T cells to trigger intestinal damage in celiac disease patients. Complete a 30-minute study from home & be compensated $50 for your time.

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Gluten Peptides Monitor Celiac Disease

Written by Francisco Leon, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder, Provention Bio Current guidelines recommend routine follow-up for celiac disease with dietary interviews and celiac blood tests, though these methods are not accurate measures of gluten-free diet (GFD) adherence. A recent study in Spain tested the use of gluten immunogenic peptides (GIP)—a direct measure of…

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Managing Celiac Disease in School

All over the country, parents are getting ready to send their children back to school. Our children, Alexander Solomon, Amanda Solomon, and Draya Ramer, have celiac disease. Returning to school presents special challenges every year…challenges that are magnified if a child is starting a new school or even moving to a new classroom. That is why we are…

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An Often-Missed Sign of Celiac Disease

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic recently found that nutrient deficiencies are often the only sign of celiac disease in undiagnosed adults. It is suspected that as many as 50 percent of adults with celiac disease are undiagnosed due to atypical symptoms. There are many potential signs of celiac disease, but doctors often only look for…

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Another Successful May Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Each year, we look forward to May Celiac Disease Awareness Month for the chance to celebrate our community’s tireless work to educate, advocate, and accelerate research for celiac disease. We are proud to share that this May was a tremendous success and we are honored to acknowledge our supporters whose efforts made this year’s Celiac…

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