ACA Repeal and Replace

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The U.S. Senate is currently deciding how to handle healthcare reform and potentially crafting legislation to “repeal and replace” or otherwise modify the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At this crucial time, it is important to reach out to the two Senators from your state, educate them about unique challenges faced by individuals with chronic conditions, and ask for their support in maintaining patient protections in the Senate healthcare reform bill.

The House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA) removed many existing patient protections. The Senate did not take up the House bill, but instead, crafted its own measure known as The Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). This bill would require insurers to cover those with pre-existing conditions and charge everyone the same regardless of health history. However, it would allow states to waive the federal mandate on what insurers must cover, known as Essential Health Benefits. This would allow insurers to offer less comprehensive policies, so those with pre-existing conditions may not have all of their treatments and services covered. Your voice is needed to ensure that any Senate proposal prohibits pre-existing condition discrimination.

As the leading disease advocacy organization for celiac disease, we are making our voice heard in a larger, coordinated effort with other disease advocacy groups to retain common sense patient protections during the healthcare debate. It is extremely important for Senators to hear from affected individuals, like you, as quantity of outreach and quality of outreach will both be important as the debate moves forward.

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