ACA Repeal and Replace

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Are You with Us in What May Be One of the Most Consequential Debates of the New Congress?

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA), while far from perfect, was a step in the right direction for individuals and families impacted by chronic and potentially costly medical conditions, including celiac disease. As Congress considers “repealing and replacing” the ACA, there are a number of critical patient protections with bipartisan support that must be retained:

  • Prohibit pre-existing condition discrimination. Individuals must be able to equitably access comprehensive healthcare coverage regardless of their health status, diagnosis, and related factors.
  • Prohibit lifetime and annual caps on insurance benefits. Any individual who purchases healthcare coverage must not be able to outspend that coverage.
  • Allow children to stay on family coverage until they are 26. Families with affected members face unique and serious financial challenges, and prolonged stability is essential.
  • Limit out-of-pocket costs for patients. Enacting and preserving no-nonsense restrictions that cap out-of-pocket costs is the best way to keep coverage equitable and accessible to all.

As the leading patient advocacy organization for celiac disease, we are making our voice heard in a larger, coordinated effort with other patient advocacy groups to retain common sense patient protections during the ACA “repeal and replace” debate. It is extremely important for legislators and others to hear from affected individuals, like you, as quantity of outreach and quality of outreach will both be important as the debate moves forward.