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pediatric healthPediatric Health

Celiac disease may develop any time after wheat or other gluten containing foods are introduced into the diet, typically after 6-9 months of age. It is unknown why some children become ill early in life and others fall ill only after years of exposure.

Learn about Celiac Disease in Children

Complete the Symptoms Checklist

Complete the Pediatric Follow-Up Checklist

Back to School

Back-to-School and the 504 Plan

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 promises equal opportunity for Americans with disabilities. It guarantees full accommodation in federally funded programs and services. You can file a 504 Plan for accommodations for your child’s gluten intolerance at public school.

Learn about the 504 Plan and download the Back-to-School and 504 Plan Guide

The Celiac Disease Foundation Partnership with Children’s National Celiac Disease Program

The Celiac Disease Foundation partnered with Children’s National Health System to launch the Resnick Celiac Disease & Gluten-Related Psychological Health Training. The free online program provides continuing education to primary care and mental health providers about the psychological impacts of celiac disease. Children’s National recently developed the Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Diet Digital Resource Center App, to offer helpful information, including weekly webcasts for living a gluten-free lifestyle.

Learn more about the Gluten-Free Diet App

student ambassadorBecome a Student Ambassador

Are you in elementary, middle, high school or college? Do you want to raise awareness of celiac disease at your school and in your local community? The Celiac Disease Foundation Student Ambassador Program is for you! The Student Ambassador Program helps children, teens and young adults become role models for others with celiac disease while raising awareness in the community and educating their peers.

Learn about the Student Ambassador Program

summer camps

Gluten-Free Camp Scholarships

At celiac camp, your child will experience camp fun and make new friends while enjoying safe and delicious gluten-free food without fear of getting sick. Generation GF, a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), provides scholarship opportunities to help families send their kids to camps that accommodate children with special dietary needs in hopes of creating lifelong memories.

Learn about Camp Scholarships

school lunchesKid-Friendly Breakfasts, Lunches, and Snacks

CDF dietitian Janelle Smith, MS, RD provides a 7 day pediatric meal plan of nutritious and delicious, kid-friendly breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus easy after-school snacks to make your days happier and healthier.

7-Day Pediatric Meal Plan

Kid-Friendly Recipes


clark barGluten-Free Candy Lists

Because sometimes you just need something sweet, we provide you with latest gluten-free list of U.S. candies. Please continue to check the ingredients list when purchasing, as ingredients and formulas can change.

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Eat! Gluten-Free

Eat! Gluten-Free showcases kid-friendly products and services from companies that care about the gluten-free and allergy-free community. You can browse by dietary preferences, and view product pictures, ingredients, and nutrition facts to create your shopping list. You can also purchase specially designated products directly from Amazon.

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CDF dietitian, Janelle Smith, MS, RD, specializes in gastrointestinal symptom management through appropriate nutrition and food choices, helping you and your child adapt to living on a gluten-free diet.

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