Amy’s Team Run Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon 12/7/14

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Meet Amy, a Team Gluten-Free member who is going to be running the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon with her Team Run Rock N Roll on December 7, 2014. See how being diagnosed with celiac disease was her “blessing in disguise.”


I was diagnosed with celiac disease when I was 28. The diagnosis happened after seven years of constant pain and under the care of three different physicians. The results were not a huge shock because my aunt was diagnosed 7 years ago and we both experienced similar symptoms.  A year after my diagnosis, we convinced my mom to get tested and it came back positive as well. For me having celiac disease isn’t a negative part of my life; it can definitely be challenging at times, but overall it has been a blessing.  I have gotten the chance to educate people such as restaurant owners and management, eat really good food, be healthy and meet some pretty amazing people along the way.

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Amy and her husband!

About a year after I was diagnosed two amazing things happened that made me realize that having celiac disease was truly a blessing in disguise. At a cooking class in Milwaukee I met a woman – she was my age, loved to cook, a total foodie and full of energy. We talked about having the same challenges: wedding, hanging out with friends, and still wanting to eat amazing food.  She told me about a group she was starting that would meet every month at a locally owned restaurant that understood the gluten-free lifestyle.  I was immediately excited and we started planning the first one. I am happy to say the group is still going strong 4 years later.

Around the same time I found Team Gluten-Free. Walking 5ks was something that I did regularly, however I had never walked for a particular cause I was passionate about. I rallied around 10 people to walk with me. After the race we decided to participate in the walk again, however this time run it, and run it we did. This sparked a huge passion for running and it has been a huge part of my life since that particular 5k.  After running various 5k races, I decided to make a personal goal of running my very first half marathon.  I figured what better reason to push myself and make it a Team Gluten-Free event.   So on December 7th, I will be running my first half marathon with my husband by my side.  This is also his first half marathon as well.  It is something we both are extremely passionate and excited about. We start our official training on July 17th.

My husband and I believe that if we have children, our children might also have celiac disease. Thus, we want our children to just be kids and not worry about the food they are eating. Every child, gluten-free or not, should be able to have the same stress-free lifestyle. So every mile we run is for the kiddo with the huge GF cupcake and a huge smile.

Want to run with Amy?  Join Team Run Rock N Roll now!