Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

PCORI is an independent, nonprofit organization authorized by Congress in 2010 to fund comparative effectiveness research that will provide patients, their caregivers, and clinicians with the evidence needed to make better-informed health and healthcare decisions. PCORI is committed to seeking input from a broad range of stakeholders to guide its work.

The 2021 Virtual Patient Education and Advocacy Summit is funded by a PCORI Engagement Award to Convene Patients with Celiac Disease to Improve Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR).

Celiac Disease Foundation Approved for a PCORI Engagement Award

PROACTIVE Celiac Study

The PROACTIVE Celiac Study is a Phase 2 clinical trial testing the safety and effects of the investigational medication PRV-015. In combination with a gluten-free diet, PRV-015 aims to reduce symptoms and intestinal inflammation caused by accidental gluten exposure. This study is sponsored by Provention Bio, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics aimed at intercepting and preventing immune-mediated diseases.

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9 Meters Biopharma

9 Meters is a gastroenterology-focused therapeutics company targeting GI diseases with unmet needs. The company is advancing  a drug candidate for the treatment of celiac disease that is intended to work as an adjunctive therapy and help reduce the inflammatory response in celiac patients in conjunction with a gluten-free diet.

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We believe that GI and liver diseases are not just life disrupting conditions, but diseases that can impact a patient’s quality of life. Beyond a fundamental need for effective treatment options, we understand that improving patients’ lives also depends on their needs being recognized. With nearly 30 years of experience in gastroenterology, Takeda has made significant strides in addressing GI patient needs with treatments for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), acid-related diseases, short bowel syndrome (SBS), and motility disorders. We are making significant strides toward closing the gap on new areas of unmet needs for patients who have celiac disease, eosinophilic esophagitis, alpha-1 antitrypsin-associated liver disease, Crohn’s disease, and acute pancreatitis, among others. Together with researchers, patient groups and more, we are working to advance scientific research and clinical medicine in GI.

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Kanyos Bio, Inc.

Anokion SA, and its wholly owned subsidiaries Kanyos Bio, Inc. and Anokion, Inc., is a biotechnology company that aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients suffering from autoimmune diseases by restoring normal immune tolerance. The company is focused on both prevalent and rare autoimmune diseases, including celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes. Anokion’s distinct approach leverages the company’s immune-based platform, which targets natural pathways in the liver to restore immune tolerance and address the underlying cause of autoimmune disease.

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Glutenostics is dedicated to improving the diagnosis and life-long management of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity/intolerance and other gluten-related disorders.

Through the licensing, development and commercialization of novel technologies, Glutenostics is bringing new tools to market that address the unmet needs of millions of Americans avoiding gluten for health concerns.

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ImmunogenX, Inc.

ImmunogenX is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for celiac disease. Our lead development is the therapeutic drug candidate latiglutenase, which is an enzyme treatment taken orally with meals to break down gluten in the stomach. Latiglutenase is the only drug in development that has demonstrated both histologic protection and symptomatic reduction in clinical trial settings. The company is actively recruiting patients for two clinical trials and interested individuals are invited to seek further information on our website.

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Founded over 35 years ago, Dr. Schär has been dedicated to the celiac and gluten-sensitive communities; providing a safe, flavorful, and quality line of gluten-free products under the brand name, Schär, ranging from bread, cookies, crackers, pasta, and pizza to a frozen selection of gluten-free products.

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Cabinet Health

Gluten-Free. Every single batch. Built from three generations of medicine manufacturing and health care experience, Cabinet provides high-quality and fairly priced medicines directly to your door. Sourced from world-class, ethical manufacturers, every single bottle is batch-level tested and 100% certified gluten-free.

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Labcorp is a global life sciences company that brings diagnostic testing and drug development together. We believe in harnessing science for human good. We work around the world to deliver answers for all your health questions—whether you’re a provider, drug developer, hospital, medical researcher or patient. Everything from advancing diagnostic testing, to helping launch new drugs, to offering new perspectives through data – all drawing from a deep well of scientific expertise. When you need trusted information to make clear, confident health decisions, consider us your source.

Labcorp has a long history of celiac testing experience.  We are committed to helping providers and patients reach a diagnosis or essentially rule out celiac disease through our comprehensive menu of celiac antibody and HLA (genetic) tests. We provide multiple celiac profile and individual test choices to fit the needs of patients and family members on regular or gluten-free diets.  Expert consultation and genetic counseling is available as an extension of our testing services. Our nationwide network of nearly 2,000 patient service centers provides wide access to testing.

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