Registration Requirements

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To reserve exhibit space, the Exhibitor agrees to provide CDF all of the following:

  1. Completed Registration Form and registration fee paid in full or Register Online.
  2. Signed and dated Exhibitor Agreement
  3. Complete listing of exhibit personnel (prior to April 10th)
  4. Complete listing of products, with ingredients and materials to be displayed or provided.
  5. Copy of company’s Certificate of Liability Insurance (see Insurance for full requirements)

To be allowed to sample food or beverage products or sell food or non-alcoholic beverage products, the Exhibitor agrees to provide to Pasadena Public Health Department all of the following by April 10, 2015

  1. Completed  Temporary Food Facility Form TFF
  2. Credit Card Authorization Form
    Please Note: Only Exhibitors who obtain the required approvals and permits will be allowed to sample or sell food and beverage products. No refunds will be granted to Exhibitors who fail to obtain the required approvals and permits.

Permissible Exhibits:

All business activities of the Exhibitor at the exhibit hall must be within the Exhibitors allotted exhibit space. In connection with the Exhibitor’s distribution of food and/or beverage:

1. All products must be commercially prepared and meet FDA requirements. In addition, products promoted as gluten-free must meet the requirements set forth by the FDA on gluten-free labeling.
2. Exhibitors must display in their exhibit, ingredient lists for all food and beverage item sampled or sold.
3. Exhibitors must obtain permission to sample food and/or beverages by remitting the completed Temporary Food Facility (TFF) Application and Credit Card Authorization Form in person, by email or faxed (626) 744-6116 attention Jose Rodriguez. Payment is due at time of submission. Checks are not accepted.
4. Only Exhibitors who obtain the required approvals and permits will be allowed to sample food and beverage products.
5. Food and beverage manufacturers must serve only sample size portions of their own products, and these samples must be served at least two feet inside the booth. Sample size is defined for non-alcoholic beverages as not more than one (1) ounce of product served in a maximum two (2) ounce container. Sample size is defined for alcoholic beverages as limited to two (2) one (1) ounce pours per person. Sample size is defined for food items as “bite size.”
6. Equipment manufacturers who require a food or beverage product served to demonstrate their equipment may do so only in sample size portions.
7. All foodstuffs must be prepared within the requirements of the City of Pasadena Fire Department. The use of propane, butane, open flame warmers or other combustible bottled gas is prohibited. Anyone cooking must have a fire extinguisher in the booth.
8. Exhibitors may award door prizes through their exhibit space. Shipping of prizes to recipients will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
9. Exhibitors approved by CDF to include product samples and promotional items in each registration bag must be sent to TotalExpo, Inc., Show Contractor unless prior arrangements are made with CDF.

To read the entire Exhibitor Agreement, please view the 2015 Exhibitor Packet