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Donald D. Kasarda, PhD
Collaborator, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Dr. Kasarda received his PhD in physical chemistry from Princeton University. Subsequently, he held research positions with Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, and the Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of California Medical School, San Francisco, CA.

He then joined the USDA’s Western Regional Research Center in Albany, CA, where he was a research chemist, project leader, and research unit leader until his retirement in 1999. He retains an association with the Center as a Collaborator. Dr. Kasarda is also an Associate in the Experiment Station at the University of California, Davis, in the Department of Plant Sciences. His research has focused on the structure of grain storage proteins, especially the gluten proteins of wheat, and, for the past 40 years, has collaborated with various medical research groups in attempts to define the basis for the activity of these proteins in celiac disease.

He serves as an advisor to several celiac patient support groups, providing dietary guidance concerning the safety of various grains and of processed foods that might contain active wheat, rye, or barley proteins (or active peptide fragments derived from them).

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