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Francine Brown- Detox Your Life and Thrive

I want to give back to the community that gave to me.  It was a blog that helped me figure out what was happening to me.  I never heard of gluten before reading her blog.  My blog is about giving back and sharing my journey with gluten free, my favorite recipes, and my wellness journey. […]



Glu is an active and diverse type 1 diabetes online community designed to accelerate research and amplify the collective voice of those living with T1D.


Gluten Exodus

Gluten Exodus is a journey to freedom, free from chronic pain that hinders our creativity and well being to become an active participant in our own lives.  Gluten Exodus is commited to the distribution of information on and education of gluten sensitivity and gluten related health ailments; to empower our readers to take control of […]


Gluten Free Travellers

Gluten Free Travellers is a help site for anyone with Celiac/Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. Our mission is to give you the best advice, tips and recommendations to allow you to live and travel on your gluten-free diet stress free! Feed yourself and your wanderlust with ease! Read more on Sarah’s story.


Gluten Free U.A.E.

Who we are We aim to offer support to the newly diagnosed and those just arriving in the U.A.E. Those first few days of living gluten free can be very daunting without support. By using facebook as our main tool we are able to use feedback from many different people at any time of day or night.

IG Celiac Association of Switzerland

To translate the website into english, download the google chrome extension google translate.   The IG Celiac Association of Switzerland is a recognized nonprofit organization serving people who need gluten-free diet for health reasons (eg celiac disease). The responsibilities are largely financed through membership fees. The Executive Board, various working groups and our office to […]

Iranian Celiac Disease Website

Our vision is to help the people with coeliac disease to better diagnosis and is universally recognized and met. We work to achieve this vision by: Increasing awareness of the disease among health care professionals and the public. Campaigning on their behalf to improve access to fast diagnosis, good subsequent healthcare and safe foods in […]

Iris Smith, Celiac Disease Tips

With Celiac Disease, come other autoimmune diseases.  The longer it goes undiagnosed, the more damage to the gut and your immune system.  I ended up with two other autoimmune diseases. I found that our choices in foods that we eat each day have a great deal of effect on our day to day health.   […]


Italian Celiac Association

To translate the website into english, download the google chrome extension google translate.   The mission of AIC The mission of AIC (Associazione Italiana Celiachia), or its “statement of intent” and the purpose of its existence, is to allow the person with celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis to live their life in a calm and […]

Luxembourgish Association of Gluten Intolerants

Who we are The Luxembourgish Association of Gluten Intolerants (A.L.I.G.) was founded in October 1997. As of May 2014, it has more than 400 members. Incorporated as a non-profit association, it brings together individuals with celiac disease (also called gluten intolerance),  Dermatitis Herpetiformis and any person showing interest and commitment to the fight against these diseases. […]

NJY Camps Gluten-Free Family Camp Weekend

We are proud to offer an exclusive experience in partnership with the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University ( a Gluten Free Family Camping Weekend.  Come spend the weekend enjoying the outdoors and consulting with specialized Celiac Disease Center Professionals. A family getaway with a private cabin, including pools, lakes, ropes courses, art shops, family […]


Paul Graham, Author

PAUL GRAHAM is an associate professor of English at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York and his essays have appeared twice in the Best Food Writing anthology (2012 and 2013). Graham lives with his wife and their German shepherd in rural New York on the Canadian border. Visit Paul’s website.


Portugal Celiac Association

To translate the website into english, download the google chrome extension google translate. Vision The APC (Associação Portuguesa Celíacos) is a nonprofit organizaiton, which exists to promote the interests and rights of its members and is dedicated to providing services and support to celiac disease victims through information programs, awareness, education, and support.   Mission […]


At we understand the struggle parents face in finding appropriate resources for their children. Whether they need medical, recreation, dental, therapies or retail items we can help. Our goal is to put resources all in one spot to take away guesswork for parents and caregivers. Please reach out and contact us today to get […]


Swedish Coeliac Society

To translate the website into english, download the google chrome extension google translate.   Swedish Coeliac Society consists of almost 25,000 members in 31 county and local associations.  The Association was founded in 1975 and represents  all those who can not tolerate gluten, lactose, milk protein or soy. The majority of our members have celiac […]