College Student with Celiac

My name is Chynna Foucek, and I am currently a college student majoring in Biochemistry and Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations at Rice University. I was diagnosed with celiac disease a few months prior to my thirteenth birthday, and since then, have learned to manage and embrace the disease. When I entered college I realized that though numerous sources of support exist for those with celiac disease, an important demographic, college students, is often forgotten. College is a time where those with celiac disease must learn to embrace and follow the gluten-free diet; however, we are often put in situations where we may feel alienated because of our disease, and need to find others we can relate to.

I began this blog with the goal to unite college students with celiac disease through a variety of recipes, anecdotes, tips, and product/restaurant reviews. Ultimately,  it is my hope that I can use my experiences and stories to encourage college students to embrace celiac, rather than shy away from their disease. Regardless of age, I hope that celiacs of all ages can benefit from many of my posts and learn to successfully navigate the gluten-free diet!