Celiac Shmeliac

Celiac Shmeliac is a fully gluten free blog and Instagram account dedicated to helping out those with Celiac Disease. Gluten free doesn’t have to be boring!

Hello! My name is Caitlin Arcand and I am professional singer/actress/writer and major foodie from Boston, MA. Since being diagnosed 4 years ago, I have been a major supporter of the Celiac community. I started my Instagram account @celiacshmeliac 3 years ago to try and connect with other celiacs and find out more about being gluten free. Since then, I have created this blog and have tried to attend as many GF events as possible.

Along with this blog, I also have my own blog dedicated to my career in entertainment (lifeonthestage.tumblr.com), as well as serve as a columnist/theater critic for another site. I am absolutely obsessed with social media, so feel free to contact me anytime!

Instagram: @celiacshmeliac