Camp Kanata


Summer overnight camp is the experience of all experiences. When kids are away from home, away from everyday pressures, they’re allowed to be themselves and make their own decisions. In a nurturing and safe environment, they gain confidence, self-worth and develop values that go way beyond camp.

When our confident and inspirational counselors get to spend a full week with campers, in a 1:5 camper to counselor ratio, amazing things happen. The connections counselors are able to make, and the support they provide, empowers campers to reach their goals and develop their individuality.

With our intentionally rustic setting, free of TV, video games and cell phones, campers are able to connect with nature and learn to make decisions on their own. And they’re able to share a unique experience with kids from diverse backgrounds – free from being judged. That builds bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

A week at Camp Kanata is a week like no other. Just imagine the possibilities and awesomeness of two weeks, three weeks, dare we say four?