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Celiac Disease Center at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital

The Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Center is the only center on Long Island specializing in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of children with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. This new specialty center is built on the foundation of more than a decade’s experience of treating children with celiac disease.

First and foremost, I am a blogger who is passionate about food. I spend most of my time in my kitchen cooking, making new recipes, and – most importantly – eating! I also have celiac. I was diagnosed when I was 14 years old, and haven’t eaten a donut since. Except for gluten free ones. […]


Association of European Coeliac Societies

AOECS stands for Association of European Coeliac Societies and it is an independent, non-profit umbrella organization of 27 coeliac associations in Europe. AOECS does not have any paid staff, it operates on voluntary basis. AOECS has a Board of directors, consisting of three elected representatives. The legal seat is situated in Brussels, Belgium. AOECS acts […]

Camp Celiac

Camp Celiac is a one-week summer camp for approximately 145 children and youth with Celiac Disease, ages 8-16. It is located at the site of Camp Aldersgate in beautiful North Scituate, Rhode Island. The property is situated on 230 acres of woods, fields and trails, and includes a lake, waterfront cabins, woodside cabins, dining hall, […]


Camp Kanata

Summer overnight camp is the experience of all experiences. When kids are away from home, away from everyday pressures, they’re allowed to be themselves and make their own decisions. In a nurturing and safe environment, they gain confidence, self-worth and develop values that go way beyond camp. When our confident and inspirational counselors get to […]


Camp Weekaneatit

Camp Weekaneatit…. …looks like any other summer camp. You can hear the laughter…You wouldn’t know it from looking at them, but all of our campers are gluten intolerant, have celiac disease and/or are their siblings. They’re just kids, having the time of their lives at a camp designed especially for them. Camp Weekaneatit was founded […]


Canadian Celiac Association

The Canadian Celiac Association / L’Association canadienne de la maladie coeliaque is a volunteer-based, federally registered charitable organization with its national office in Mississauga, Ontario. It was founded in 1972 with financial assistance from the Kaufman Foundation. The association was started by two women from Kitchener, Ontario, who, from personal experience with celiac disease, recognized […]

Celiac Disease Center at Barnabas Ambulatory Health Care Center

The Kogan Celiac Center of Barnabas Health offers comprehensive testing and treatment for Celiac Disease for adults and children. The Center is dedicated to providing expert services that include early assessment and diagnosis, treatment, education and support to improve the health and well being of those who live with Celiac Disease.

Celiac Disease Center at Children’s National Health System

Children’s National is helping to improve the way pediatric celiac disease is diagnosed and treated. Working in partnership with concerned members of our community, our Celiac Disease Program brings together a team of expert physicians, nurses, nutritional consultants and professional counselors dedicated to developing a national model for detecting and treating celiac disease in children.

Celiac Disease Center at Texas Children’s Hospital

Each year, more than 20,000 children visit our service, one of the largest programs of its type in the United States. Ranked #4 in the United States in digestive disorders by U.S.News & World Report, we provide treatment for children with a broad spectrum of intestinal, liver and nutritional disorders.

Celiac Foundation Panama

To translate the website into english, download the google chrome extension google translate. Mission Celiac Foundation Panama is a nonprofit foundation whose main objective is to raise awareness of celiac disease, the gluten-free diet, and to promote and encourage the study of celiac disease in Panama in order to improve the quality of life of all […]

Celiac Shmeliac

Celiac Shmeliac is a fully gluten free blog and Instagram account dedicated to helping out those with Celiac Disease. Gluten free doesn’t have to be boring! Hello! My name is Caitlin Arcand and I am professional singer/actress/writer and major foodie from Boston, MA. Since being diagnosed 4 years ago, I have been a major supporter […]


Celtic Celiac

Celtic Celiac is a site for those who want to understand and feel empowered about their gluten free lives. Launched in 2010 Celtic Celiac strives to help gluten free individuals live their lives to the fullest one step at a time by providing educational, empowerment, coaching, consulting, and advocacy services. Here I share my insights on living a liberated […]


Chef Janet

I am Chef Janet, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef and I live gluten-free. I believe that gluten-free does not mean that we have to compromise. I specialize in taking your favorite foods and creating gluten-free versions that will knock your socks off. Preparing superb gluten-free dishes means that it won’t be necessary to cook […]


Cliffside Malibu

Cliffside Malibu

Cliffside Malibu is the world’s leading evidence-based addiction treatment center. Located in a private, ocean-view setting in Malibu, California, Cliffside is internationally recognized for its top-notch, personalized care and proven treatment protocol, based upon scientific principles derived from the world’s leading thinkers in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, and whole-health practices. Cliffside Malibu is committed to treating […]

Coeliac Association Malta

The Coeliac Association Malta helps and supports newly diagnosed coeliacs with the aim of improving the quality of life of coeliac patients. Increases awareness amongst the catering industry, i.e. Hotels and Restaurants regarding the strict gluten free diet that a diagnosed coeliac has to follow. Activities are held quite frequently – Medical, Dietetic Speakers are […]

Coeliac Belgian Society

Not every page on the website is in english. For chrome users, download the google chrome translate extension here. The Société belge de la Cœliaque – french for Coeliac Belgian Society – was founded in 1977 on the initiative of doctors, nutritionist, people with coeliac disease and parents who themselves have a child with coeliac […]

Coeliac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity Association Madrid

The Spanish gluten free products are marked with the mention: “SIN GLUTEN” and you will find them in:   Health food shops (“Herbolarios”) You can find gluten-free products such as bread, cookies, flours or pasta in health food shops called “HERBOLARIOS”. You can find these products nationwide, although it can be hard to find a […]

Coeliac Greece

  In Greece, as in many countries in Europe, knowledge of coeliac disease is limited and under-diagnosis of the disease remains a significant issue. Coeliac Greece established in Athens since 2008, as a patient-driven non-profit organization with main objectives to promote awareness regarding coeliac disease in Greece, build a supportive community for patients, families and […]

Coeliac New Zealand

We support those with coeliac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis and those on a gluten free diet. Vision: People with coeliac disease are diagnosed quickly, live healthy lives and have the prospect of a cure. Mission: Engage with Coeliac NZ members and stakeholders to support and improve the health and welfare of people with coeliac disease.

Coeliac Society of Ireland

The Coeliac Society of Ireland (CSI) is a voluntary Charity and Company Limited by guarantee based in the Carmichael Centre in Dublin 7. Since 1970, the Coeliac Society has provided information, support and awareness to Coeliacs throughout Ireland. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Coeliacs and those who benefit from a […]

Coeliac UK

1 in 100 people in the UK has coeliac disease. We work to improve their experience of healthcare, ensure their gluten-free diet is easy to manage and drive research which delivers new solutions to the problems of living with the condition. We want to see the needs of people with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) met […]

Coeliac Youth of Europe

CYE (Coeliac Youth of Europe) is an umbrella organization of European coeliac youth groups. It works within the AOECS. Spread all over Europe – the CYE representatives join each other at an annual meeting. CYE is an international forum for raising awareness, exchanging knowledge and working together for a better future! The vision of CYE […]

College Celiac

Hello, I’m Meagan! I am 19 years old and a college student with Celiac Disease. After being diagnosed halfway through my freshman year of college, I’ve realized how difficult being a college student with Celiac really is. That is why I started my blog, College Celiac. I truly believe I can bring awareness about this […]


Courtney Stultz, LPHJ Kitchen

Hi! I’m Courtney from the healthy living blog, LPHJ Kitchen.  On my site, you’ll find recipes, meal plans  and more related to gluten-free life! Traditional family favorite foods don’t have to be lost due to a Celiac diagnosis or other food allergies. Over at LPHJ Kitchen, my purpose is to create healthy, simple, family friendly […]


Danish Celiac Association

To translate the website into english, download the google chrome extension google translate. Danish Celiac Association (DCA) is an organization for people who are intolerant to gluten. The association was founded in 1979 and has approximately 2,500 members today. The association objectives: Drive celiac special interest and provide information and advisory services relating to the physical, […]

Eating Out Without Gluten and Dairy

Eating Out Without Gluten and Dairy is your guide to navigating the world with dual food intolerances from the perspective of a busy college student. I feature restaurant reviews, product reviews, and giveaways, all the while sharing tips, tricks, and other insights of being a young adult with dietary restrictions. I firmly believe that eating […]